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Introduction to r&d center


China knitting flat knitting machine computer applied technology research and development center is in under the guidance of China knitting industry association, by jiangsu jinlong science and technology co., LTD., with many excellent enterprises with the industry product development solutions. This center is committed to promoting China's knitting clothing enterprise product innovation, through the organic link knitting sweater industry different links, optimize supply chain management, help to cultivate in product development, quality management and rapid response competitive knitting brand, expand their business and downstream buyers in the Chinese market to provide professional services.

Knitting flat knitting machine computer application technology research and development center of China, issued by the popular trend research pattern organization development, collaborative product development, marketing and brand construction of core system, such as coordination each other between each system promote the continuous development of industry, at the same time provide enterprises with more value in return.

To provide relevant information and professional consulting services for enterprises through popular trend research to assist enterprises to carry out market-oriented product innovation; Through the development of flower type tissue, we can enrich the products of our knitting sweater industry, and get more market share for enterprise products. Through the development and cooperation of knitting clothing products, promote the communication and cooperation among enterprises, integrate the advantage resources in the industry, reduce development costs, improve efficiency, and establish a rapid reaction mechanism; Through product and brand promotion, we can help enterprises to promote high quality knitted sweater, increase market share and establish brand image worldwide.

R&d center collection from different areas of the knitting industry outstanding enterprises, make full use of the advantage of rich resources, organic link link, different industries by providing trend research, design development, product collaborative development, technical exchange and trade cooperation and market promotion of professional services, training in product development, quality management and rapid response market competitiveness of China's outstanding supplier system.

R&d center brings together the domestic colleges and universities, is the central academy of fine arts, donghua university, Beijing institute of fashion technology, China academy of fine arts, tianjin university of technology, xi 'an engineering university, jiangnan university, suzhou university, wuhan university of textile, hubei academy of fine arts, such as a group have knitted professional specialty in colleges and universities the focus of the cooperation unit), raw material supply, weaving equipment manufacturing, apparel processing and manufacturing, finishing the technical service and so on various advantages in the field of power units, formed from the design, raw material supply, equipment, technical services, such as processed on each link of the middle and lower reaches, organic joint and cooperation, to realize effective integration of computer flat knitting machine knitting product resources, promote the development of the whole industry chain for computer flat knitting machine knitting field goal.

By the end of December 2013, a total of from cotton, hemp, silk, wool, chemical fiber, such as the category of 106 leading companies to become cooperative enterprise, research and development center of yarn covering fiber manufacture, spinning, dyeing, knitting, finishing and garment manufacturing and dyestuff etc. The whole industry chain, has the solid foundation on which to form integrated innovation.


Full service



1. Membership service
A. Member customers can select a certain amount of the design of the design of the design of 30*43cm (30 * 43cm) of the design of the design of the design, and provide the related knitting information (yarn composition, count, weaving time).
B. 2 copies of the latest trends in the design and production of our center every year - this trend book contains 48 original designs, 192 styles of clothing, and related yarn resources.
C. Provide member customers with yarn resources, sorting process and production resources of large goods - assist member customers to realize resource integration, product development and production of large goods.
2. Design services
A. theme planning
B. flower design
C. Style design
D. Sample making
3. Technical services
A. Provide technical services for the design and development of all processes.
B. According to yarn effect and style, organize the development of yarn and various new yarn, development of style, and the development of ready-to-wear, and better express the characteristics of yarn.
C. according to designer quarter planning, targeted to do organization pattern technology development, the production of sample development services, and to cooperate to complete the big goods production, designers to provide a best technology solutions


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